Sunday, 14 November 2010

Alderely Edge 3.....Other Mines and passages.

Had a good few days here with EDD (D.C.C) and Phil (D.C.C) thanks for everythig both of you...

Me and Jo (Fiancee) had a good old smootch about this place, Phil showed us both around Engine Vein with Edd showing us Engine Vien and through into several other mines a few days later with a nice boat trip. Also we had a rummage about hunting anything we could get down.

A look down into Wood Mine.

A nice adit but whats behind the locked door !.

A picture through the small hole in the door.

Time for a nice trip with Phil into Engine Vein
A very nice copper Mine.
Followed by another fine trip with Edd and a 
smootch on our own in the woods.

Very early pick marks dating back to the Roman times.

Childs clog marks, if only this mine could talk.

Childs hobnail boot marks.




Me and edd under a copper flow.

Galena and Silver ore.

Time for a little fresh air then back down and away we go.

A Mine relic of a Miners boat !.

Keep going down !.

1764 E.W.

1866 C.L.

Very nice roof !.

Buckets for removing the ore.

A very nice trip .....again thank you both.....

Time for a smootch out side in the woods.

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  1. those "copper flows" would make some very cool art works- Duane