Wednesday, 28 September 2011

whitby Jet mine (first of many)

We set out for a trip into a disused Jet mine which we thought was in an old abandoned quarry.....hmmmm old yes ... disused.....NO !...but that is only half the we drove down a dirt track into this quarry and entered a small workman's hut, after a short introduction to who we were and what we do and what we were after we then found out we was talking to the quarry owner who was fascinated about the mine and the history on his quarry then we could have not asked for any more he then showed us a map of the jet mine and the entrance location and listen to this....he was very happy for us to explore the mine in return for a look at the pictures (no problem there what so ever), we even ended up taking 2 of his workers through the mine and out of the second opening round the corner (now blocked off with a big boulder to stop people getting in the back way)..after entering the small mine we were in knee deep sludge and water hmmmmm home sweet home :) to say this mine was small it held a nice find.....jet still could be found easily within the mine although several places were flooded and in poor condition, history on this mine will have to follow later as i obtain it without giving too much away about the location and history on the quarry will also follow as the quarry owner was building a historical list of places the stone has gone from this quarry before he owned it.....

To the mine owner and his workers thanks for the info you gave us and for allowing us to enter the mine on your site we had many hours within the two days of been there (around 10 hrs +) we will not forget this and as we said we will come back as you made us very fiancée is still buzzin after having a go on your big digger......thanks nick n jo.

View of the entrance before the hole at the front left of the mine was filled in.

First wet passage.

One of the workers from the quarry.

Pick marks.

Back entrance now closed off by a big boulder.

The big digger our lass was allowed to have a go on under instruction.

Front entrance after the whole in the front was filled in

The quarry.

A boulder containing jet mined out from the mine.

To the mine manager I thank you for letting us into your Jet Mine
and been one of the friendliest person I have ever met, we hope
to see you in 2012.....Nick n Jo


  1. Nice photos Nick

    I passed through there last year when i noticed the original entrance had been reopened and have been meaning to talk with the quarry owner about visiting the site officially.

    When i last explored the mine in 2008 the only way in was the second entrance (now bouldered) and over half the place was flooded to the roof making exploration impossible (the mine was surveyed around 40 years ago so the original entrance must've been open then).

    Information on the Aislaby Jet mine is very scarce but its working period was likely between 1830 - 1870 and is one of three mines which worked this poor quality jet in the sandstone deposits, the other two sites are Snotterdale near Carlton Bank and Oakham Woods near Hawsker between Whitby and Scarborough.

    There are serveal open drifts in Oakham woods but they are more of and hands and knee job than this mine.

    However if you want to visit them some time then i can sort out a trip there.

    What is the quarry owners plans for the mine, i assumed that the quarry will continue to expand in the mines direction and if that is the case i would love to see more of the mine before its gone.

    1. I do not know if you got my reply, if not please send me your email address