Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Skirwith X-Show Cave

This is a near Unspoiled  cave which is well known to cavers and potholers it was open to the public in 1964 and shut in 1974 due to there not been enough tourists to keep a good income for the owner possibly due to other show caves in the area.
 Loads of nice formations and remains of the old show cave (concrete steps steel railings and wooden walk way boards). Easy to find if you have a Gps !.

The enterance is around here some where !.

A game of find the right dip.

Now were cooking !. Oh before you go in check
over road that there is no blasting before you go in
as the boulder chokes move !.

Original show cave gate.

The formations are really good in this cave system.

Question ! high does the water go.!
Looks like a giant game of bubble bath in here after the rain.

Chamber at end with 15 foot waterfall, it is possible to climb
then carry on but not having a good weather forcast this was the
end of the road.....for now !.

Concrete corner.

The way back ...Hmmmmm I think it could be blocked
by these nice big boulders ! time for a small flat out crawl
through the boulder choke.

Spikey formations all over but nice...

Original walk way decking from the X-show cave..

Rib cage formations..

The way out..

Man made tunnle for the original show cave..

Hope this one goes some where nice...

Nope !...well you can not win them all.....

T'was a grand day out......

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