Saturday, 12 February 2011

So you wanna be a Boxer ? The Cleckheaton way !

Exploring a near by town I came across a well tough gym where only the brave would train......this was situated inside an abandoned mill under the name of Rolson...oh did i mention 'A TOUGH GYM'...haha

In the yard.

Looking towards the officers.

A reet big safe.

 The works.

A food conveyor. 

Anyone need an elmit !.

Take your pick !.

Air powered grinder.

One mans sauna is a another mans reality !.

Within the First Aid Room.

Full gas bottles of propane and an acetylene !. 

So you wanna be a boxer !. Death of a speed ball.

Blue Prints...

Oh........1 Tough Gym eh !...

Need to take some medicine !... 

Time to get focused.......

Get your dancing shoes on.....

Think I've busted my skipping rope !.

Round 1.

Round 2..

Round 3...

Oh that's why its a Tough Gym !!!
BOC Oxygen Bottles used as punch bags !
I did hit the bags hard after all I did do a 
little boxing........

Rope to climb up and down through the floor.

Back outside.


  1. Looks Like a tough Gym M8! Hope your hand is ok?

  2. Have you manage to get upstairs here? As apart from no roof, from the outside it looks strong enough for a walk round.