Friday, 25 March 2011

Chatterley Whitfield Colliery

Well went for a smootch round this place but on getting there we was told this working museum had shut about 10 years ago and no longer open to the public !!!, The MD from the council came out of his on site office to see what we wanted as we were armed to the teeth with camera gear then told under no circumstance was we getting on as (get this shit !) "due to H n S regulations the site is heavily polluted with asbestos from the roofs and some walls" Hmmmmmmm don't think he liked my reply of " Oh you mean over there where the work men are well working without any breathing apparatus on or protective equipment of any type"...hahaha I had to laugh as me and r lass then started to walk the outside of the parameter fence shooting away as he went bright pink foaming at the mouth !....although we found no way in "the bloody Liverpool lads had made one hell of a nice steel fencing and concrete job" pic's are below of what we could get with as little fencing as possible been in thinks this will have to be better looked at in the future.......

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