Thursday, 31 March 2011

Elland Gas Works Building.

Visited after seeing this from a dual carriageway a few days before, Larger than expected and with a twist !
 Some Poor family had been living here for some time in the past and it had been rough for them going by what I found, Pans and buckets in rooms to catch the dripping water coming through the roof in many areas well poor wall coverings no plaster boards on some of the walls showing only beams .

Go in over a dual carriage way back home the other day I spotted this building and a must explore just ate away at me all that day, so off I tootled back the day after to have a shufti !, no cctv big smashed open window and grass growing out of the roof ! reet nice sized building with a come in and explore look to it, over the gate n I'm off all guns blazing like a kid let loose in a sweet shop all over it like a bad rash of space mumps.....

Some history on this place.....

Elland-cum-Greetland Gas Company, Established on 6th May 1836. Managers have included Robert Dempster (1850) and James Bridge (1941).
Robert Dempstar (1829-1913) Scot from Cupar, Fife. He worked as an engineer and manager of the Elland-cum-Greetland Gas Company from 1850. He was one of the first members of the British Association of Gas Managers and an associate member of the Institute of Civil Engineers.
His consultancy work advising local textile manufacturers on the building and running of their own small gas plants led to the establishment of Dempster's in 1855, specialising in the production of gas retorts and gasholders at their Rosemount Iron Works, Elland. In 1877, he wrote a 32-line song entitled The Good Old Gas-Light Company. He was retired by 1881, but continued to buy or build gas works from his retirement home in Penmaenmawr. He married Elizabeth (1826-18??) also from Cupar and had 5 children.

James Bridge (1877-1941) was an Engineer and Manager of the Elland-cum-Greetland Gas Company (1941) This is all the history of this bloke I could find.

Tom Turner. (1863-192?) Of Victoria Street, West Vale, A short history !

On 31st January 1923, he and his wife, Annie (1867-1922), were found unconscious in their bed. They were found by the police who had been alerted when Mr Turner failed to show up for work,They died later in Royal Halifax Infirmary.
It was suspected that the couple had left the gas on low, because Mr Turner was suffering from cold and bronchitis. During the night, the Elland Gas Company reduced gas pressure in the area, which would have been sufficient for a small light to go out.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Todmorden, Calderdale Rubber, Glen Works.

Todmorden, Calderdale Rubber, Glen Works

History to follow
Culvert under the Mill.

Piles of waste all around the yard.

Old water pump after the Pikies !.

Wooden beams within the roof are in excellent condition.