Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Derelict Mill Shoe Manufacturers

Another fine day out and a bonus find 'A Derelict Shoe Manufacturers Mill' easily entered once a board has been slid out of the way (not pulled off or broken off), the higher you go in this mill the worse the floors became, final stairs was impassable from the crap what was thrown down them including a big locker !.

Through the broken windows to the Electricity room.

A mix of Dies and Stocks.

Shoes still on the dolly's and a steel rim.

A Shoe salesman's Carry Case.

Underground Reservoir Near Upper Midhope.

As we were driving down the road back home after an excellent day out We anchored up for a jump over a wall to a reet nice Underground Reservoir, although this small look was all above ground I did manage to find a way in by lifting a lid so I do not know if this is still in use or now derelict !, I will be going back to this site to get a better look at night as it is next to a house and busy road and we would easily be seen.....AGAIN !.

Bradfield Water Filtration Station.

Although nothing much is left within this building it holds a different treasure for the eyes in the form of Graffiti, although I do not condone this act of damage and illegal painting of buildings  there is some very good talent shown on these walls.

The Locker room.

Nice internal garden.

Water Level Reading Device.

I'll Bee seeing you !.