Friday, 25 February 2011

Gaping Ghyll

Gaping Ghyll (Gaping Gill) is under different grades due to different ways into this system, Length 11.6 Km and getting pushed in several different places with a depth of 155m-Stream passage pot to Deep well dived to 186m total depth.
 This is a magnificent complex with great interest and variety, there is so much information on this system and other pots into Gaping Gill it is best to read 'Northern Caves 2'.

The Hydraulic winch at 
'Craven Pothole Club' winch meet.

354 feet vertical drop.

Within the main chamber.

Looking to top side.

Looking back towards 'Main chamber'.
Orange light from my carbide lamp.

Think I need a bigger flash !.

Helictite formation.

Fractured stals from minor earth quakes in the UK.

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