Monday, 29 August 2011

Suicide Cave Derbyshire

Well i have peaked into this opening several times many years ago, time to crack the suicide cave or have a bloody good go at least.....


suicide cave (horseshoe cave) length 137 mtrs grade 2 (possibly now grade 3) due to chimneys full of shale and boulders on the move.

Obvious entrance on the right near the foot of Winnats pass with a second smaller entrance to the left, the first chamber we came into had a boulder slope to climb with a small traverse and deceptive 15 feet drop at the end, down this continued to the second chamber with a muddy crawl ending in a blockage, back to junction in second chamber go right to the third higher chamber where we had to climb up over boulder chokes one after another until into a now bad chimney caked in spoil and very loose boulders, one slip here and its going to end up i know why its called suicide cave, a near vertical system small in size climbing up locking your back against solid rock and your feet and knees and hands/elbows trying to lock against a mud shale boulder wtf !.....our lass up above me dislodges a nice boulder and ffs hits me plumb on the head sending me and it further down the chimney, i eventually lock in whilst the boulder starts an avalanche below me oh no........ well on we go.......further up until we come across a hand line to aid our ascent through a vertical part and a tightish squeeze (well for a bloke of my size it was), a little further up and .........nick i hear from our lass....its going to get a lot tighter for several mtrs......oh F !!!, i look and think no way can i fit through there as it again was near vertical with mud all over, no foot holes too wide to lock against the walls and only slippy roof and floor to lock against oh did i mention tight too.....baaaaaaa

reet time to back track and back out.....

on with the pick's and less of my dribble.....

across the traverse and rig the only pitch 

A hammer head found in the spoil.

The beginning of the chimney.

Looking up the first chimney.

And coming through a small hole into the chimney.

A blue John vein.

Into the second chimney.

Looking at a rotten plank holding a rather large boulder.

moo going down the first pitch...

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