Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Skopos Mills the Steam Engine 'SARA'

This was the first location of the day it has taken me hours of going through by reference books and one long phone call to the mill owners once I got passed the receptionist who was adamant they did not have a 'Sara' working for them !, little did this woman know after working there for some years they owned a steam engine under the guise of 'Sara' so explaining I was heavily into steam and all manner of machinery I was permitted to enter there premisses at Skopos Mills 'Fabrics Factory'.
Myself and Mutilated_Pixie entered the main receptionists area to be greeted with yet another receptionist and when we stated we were hear to photograph Sara saw going to call a woman out of the officers by the name of Sarah ***** to our amusement I had to re explain the Engine again, now our goal was back on coarse we met up with Ernest the Operations Manager who took us to see her, through the mill boiler room and towards what i can only describe as a very old looking door,once through this you could feel a time change from 2011 to back in the year somewhere around the early 1900's we went up some old steps the door in the roof swung open and in we went, reet lads is she going into a magazine, no Ernest I replied just for my own portfolio and after that he left us to it........and i do mean left us !, never once did he return so now I give you Sara as we found her.

After about a good half an hour we had stripped away the protective coverings to a really good restored steam engine.

Originally built by W & J Cardwell of Dewsbury in 1883 as a single cylinder engine, Sara was rebuilt in about 1894 by Woodhouse and Mitchell of Brighouse in her current form with a 18" bore x 42" stroke HP cylinder with steam admission by Corliss valves and a 24" bore x 42" stroke LP cylinder with slide valve. Developing 300 HP when supplied steam at 120 psi, the working speed of 88 rpm is governed by a Proell No 2 governor acting on the HP valve gear.

A reet nice looking multi oil lube system.

Running until 1965 Sara was left in poor condition, fortunately she was restored by Chris Evans and Paul Ackrigg, the restoration which, finished in 1987 was of such a high calibre that the project was winner of the NCB sponsored Steam Heritage Award stationary steam engine class for 1990.

Some other parts within this museum like room.

A good old sink with cast iron fixtures.

Power output readings from the Engine, it was a shame who ever made the plaque misspelt 'SARA'.

Before we left the premises we re-covered her locked all the doors and left looking like we had never been there putting her back to sleep, we were told on the way out at the reception desk that the Engine was named after the mill owners wife and they would contact me the next time she has a full head of steam.

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